Stop leaking private data on the cloud. Share files with people you trust, and not all the cloud providers in between.
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Disclaimer: This is a brand new site! We are alpha testing and security auditing it! Do NOT store private data here yet until we finish testing and try to hack it for a while. Only store data which would have a low impact if lost or stolen.

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Trustless open source file sending

It's 2018 and there's no simple way to send a file to someone without also sharing it with several of cloud provider companies in between (cascading to their own infrastucture vendors, like AWS), any of whom could be next on the news with a data breach.

In many cases we have an NDA with one party, and then send sensitive data through several parties on the cloud with whom you have damage waivers signed when clicking past their terms of service.

Feature Cloud storage FTP Email CryptSend
Open Source Some
Trustless Client Encryption
Self Hosting Some Some
Web Interface Some Some
Secure Link & No Auth
Work with Big Files Some
No external javascript
Cross-browser Compatibility
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How It Works?

Your data are encrypted in your own browser before we store it. Then, you share a link with the intended recipient. The link contains a key to decrypt the data, but in a way that we never receive it.

All you have to remember is, don't share (or lose) the secure link.

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How it works
Web Crypto

The reality is, privacy and security risks are complex, and it's about practical ways to reduce risk. Web crypto is a layer which makes it much harder for an attacker to reach someone's private data.

There are still potential risks, take care.

  • - Rogue browser extensions - disable extensions you don't trust.
  • - Secure link stored in your history - use incognito mode.
  • - Secure link is all-powerful - there is no additional auth layer, which is convenient but some cases may warrant a 2nd factor.
  • - XSS - We've looked for every possibile exploit we can think of but it's possible we missed one.
Open Source Project
By making CryptSend open source, we allow and encourage peer review to maximize the chances of finding security flaws. This also allows the community involvement and easily allows adding packaging or deployments for various environments.
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About Us
We're Countable Web Productions, a web tech firm who believe in transparency and fun. We started CryptSend because we weren't comfortable sharing clients' private data on the cloud.
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